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Entertainment has been one of the most valuable aspects of software, in addition to the utility factor, attached to it. The entertainment and leisure software are some of the most valuable aspect that is attached to it. From 1996 onwards, these kinds of software came into force by numerous leading software companies around the world. Games come under these categories which are there only for the purpose of entertainment. The age groups, which can use these kinds of Software, are well varied and go on from 5 years to 21.

There are numerous companies those are into the market like the Atari, Asports, Microsoft Games, Sega and the list is extremely long. The list of joining companies is also large. The educational software has become much more interactive than ever before and the entertainment factor attached to it also has risen, and that is why most of these kinds of software more or less come under the same category of software.

It has been estimated that this industry has seen one of the steepest growth in the last 6 years, and one of the most neck to neck competitive market than any other domain of the software industry. The estimated worth, which has been, around 4 billion USD by sales only in 2009 has grown 4 times than the last three years and will witness more. The foresighted future of this industry is sure to give a strong boost to the new companies arriving in this domain.